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The Travel

It’s been a while since I arrived here and it’s time to share some experiences. 
I have been sharing accommodation with some of my co-workers. Most of the houses here are two storied and the stairs, which, are from with in the house, can be really dangerous for the babies of less than 3-4 years, if they are not supervised. These stairs do not have a proper door on both the sides and if kids move without supervision, the can easily fall down. However, I managed to find a single storied house. Otherwise, we would have had some real trouble supervising our kiddo. 

The journey from Mumbai to Muscat was good, however too bad from Muscat to London (Heathrow).

In this LEG, I was sitting in the centre row with other passengers on both the sides. I had one old lady on one side of my seat and a boy of 10-12 years of age on the other side who was travelling with his mother, and incidentally she who had a frowned face. She was shouting at other passengers at the slightest provocation and caused a great amount of disturbance (turbulence in the aircraft???). At Abu Dhabi, the crew realized that there were two extra passengers in the flight and we all were expected to get down and again board the flight. The extra passengers could be located sooner nonetheless. These were 2 females who had a valid boarding pass but of some other flight (BTW they were allowed to board the plane in Muscat using the same boarding pass???))) 

The service in Gulf air is not good. I did not get water because the air hostess was serving tea to passengers in other rows. The toilet paper was not changed because the available staffs were busy with collecting the ‘after dinner garbage’ (and there were only 3-4 staff). By the time I reached Heathrow, I was too tired and did not have any capacity to travel further. However the climate in London was good and the fresh air had refreshing effect on me. I took a bus from London to Nottingham and reached home by 2:00 in the afternoon (On 31st Oct’04). 

The next day I was in office and since then I have been trying to settle down.

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