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The Indian Counsulate

I went to Counsulate general of India Office in Birmingham to day and had a long day there. Based in Nottingham, just a 1.25 hours away from Birmingham, I read all the necessary informatiom from the website and reched the location by 10:00 AM.

It was appalling to see the sight inside. The hall was packed to it’s capacity, rather I should say that it was out of it’s capacity. Many people had to stand and there was no place to sit for many people.

There is one window for reception/information. And the there is no place to place to stand in queue for more than 10 people. I had to go there to get an affidavit do that my wife can submit application for my 2 years old daughter’s passport. I was given two forms to fill up and then was asked to go to a particular counter. I stood in the ques for more than one hour and all of us (Around 10 people) we realized that the que is not where we were standing, the queue was somewhere else.

After wasting one hour, I waited for another two hours for my turn to come and though they mention on their web site that the documents can be collected in the evening, I was asked to come the next day and I was given an option that they could send me the document if I give them an self addressed envelope from a near by post office.

No notice board mentioned where to stand for queues. Not notice board mentioned about requirement of envelop for postal delivery. We site talks about the same day delivery but they do not practice it.

What a sorry sate of affairs… We just can leave our habits of being slow and inefficient. People were fighting for a place in the queues and no one was allowed to go in for the second time on the same window.

In these highly competitive times, when the time if valued very highly, some how we just managed to find ways to waste it.

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  1. Frsncisco says:

    2 biggest couqsents of India the moghuls and the europeans can be root-causes for most of the questions you may still pose. Why were the portuguese most aggresive in converting Hindus to catholics much much more than the british. How they threatened the use of force or usurping poor Hindu farm-lands if not agreeing to such conversion. Why such Hindus were not even allowed to keep their Hindu names after conversion. What happened in Bangladesh? How the 2-nation theory was a sick joke conceived by fair-skin pakistanis in hand with british. Why, despite also being muslims, pakistanis ill-treated bangladeshis like third-grade citizens, if not cattle.

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