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Mumbai: Turning Around Mumbai

It’s been a while I left Mumbai for Tunis.

In my few week’s stay in Mumbai, I saw many open manholes, lots of pits around and absolutely no sign indicating that people need to be careful, the vehicles need to avoid and the workers need to take care of.

The pollution levels were very low. In fact, it was only during the peak hours that I encountered pollution. But even in this time, there was no black smoke clouds around me. I think it was due to increase in CNG usage! The road were also better than what they were when I was here last time.

I think turnaround in Mumbai is possible if

  • The metro is run independently by highly experienced and qualified administrators.
  • The governing body considers itself to be a service provider and acts accordingly.
  • Mumbai’tes gets right to renounce a non-performing government.

If its not possible, I think all we can do is pray and hope that we and our families are safe and healthy in Mumbai.

And its common knowledge, that pray along with actions brings result…

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  1. Paige Kearin says:

    I pray that your families are safe and healthy in Mumbai! Thanks for writting.

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