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“Rang De Basanti” Effect

This movie is a defining experience, if you have seen the movie, will agree,

A story of ordinary university students, who are either drop outs/unemployed and do not believe in living life the way the world is ‘conditioned’ to live and others expect them to live.

They drink beer and salute to India Gate, drive fast on rural roads and take many risks for fun.

The bond of friendship they have…
…The idea of fun they have…
..The importance to humanity they have…
…The values love and relationship they have…
…The patriotism they awake to…
…The strength they display…
…The steps they take to correct some wrongdoings…

The urban youth of India can very well relate to them.

This movie has affected many people in urban India. It has affected the very idea of a good nation.

Now we see the “Rang De Basanti Effect” at many places. People have started voicing their concerns and opinion.

The very cast of movie itself stood behind a social cause and lead actor, Amir Khan, has invited wrath of main opposition party of India. And everyone knows who is on the wrong side of the line.

And someone like me has started to write about the what I think should be corrected in Mumbai.

I can not call this movie a turning point, but it is a defining moment in the modern India. I am sure this movie will go in the history at a deserving place.

The producers of the film have done a remarkable job.

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  1. unnikrishnanf says:

    Rang de Basanti is a real portrait of the present India and the darker side of Indian politics. There is no point in sitting silent. The youth must take the responsibility to change our nation. Come on !!!! Awake !!!! Actions speak louder than words !!!! Jai Hind !!!!!! Build a new India which is free of corruption, bribery and politricks !!!!

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