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Just arrived in Switzerland today.

Well…nearly 2 weeks in Zurich and the expressions have changed from Aha…In Switzerland… to Oh! Struggling to get a house and in the process coming to know of formalities involved…Oh my god. I have rented out one of my flats in India and without any of these formalities and all my life I have been used to it. In UK too, the rules and regulations were not so tough. 

Here, when you go to see the house, you are given and application form which is in German. You fill it up with the help of your local friends colleagues and then you need a certificate from the local authorities that you do not owe any money to anyone in Switzerland. Not to mention the passport, work permit, letters from the employers and more and more documents.

One of the owner told me…you should give them as many documents as you can…they just love the documents and smiled.

Nevertheless, the place is amazing, Swiss people have all the right to be proud of themselves and the achievements. To put a vast network of trains, trams and buses must have need great amount of research and planning on an ongoing basis.

If the bus train and tram timings are mentioned then they are going to be on time

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