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Bronze Age Weapons – Swords

Before Bronze Age, stone was used as weapon and as a cutting edged tool. But stones are very fragile and therefore are not very practical to be used as the sword. Bronze Age was the era of using metals and its use in making different tools and weapons. The use of metals in the Bronze Age helped in the development of metallurgy industry. Bronze Age swords evolved out of the Stone Age dagger (around 17th century BC).

However Bronze Age is the introduction of copper, tin, and bronze, etc. Now the dagger could be made longer and evolved into the swords. The first swords appeared in the Near East and Aegean. Bronze Age swords varied from 50 cm to 90 cm in length, ideal length of the sword. Any longer sword would bend unless made by hard materials like steel. The evolution of leaf shaped blades in the late Bronze Age is from the dagger of the early Bronze Age. But certainly the evolution of a particular age highly depends upon the location.

In Indian subcontinent, early copper swords were discovered at the sites of Harappa civilization (dated back to period 2300 BC). Swords were discovered during the archaeological findings of Ochre Coloured Pottery culture of Ganges-Yamuna plain. These swords were commonly of copper, but few were of bronze. Diverse specimens were discovered with varieties of hilt in Fatehgarh.

The Bronze Age in Indian subcontinent was followed by Iron Age Vedic period, which was extended over Indo-Gangetic plains.

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