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It is said that you see what your mind wants to see and you see what you think!

Few days back I came across few photos of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). These photos were simply awesome. Sitting in Switzerland, I can say that the natural beauty was unbeatable. The beauty of Kashmir can actually compete with any landscape of Switzerland.

Pictures from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

It was this online album which made me think about Kashmir which I had only heard about and hadn’t given any serious thought.

I was seven years old when the current movement of violence started in Kashmir and I was introduced to the Kashmir Problem.  Having started to read through the newspaper from the age when I was not even 10 years old, I had started to develop my own understanding of the politics, India, and the world affairs at a very early stage of my life.  To me, the word Kashmir represented historical mistakes, political blunders and lost opportunities.

It is a perfect example of how the first generation of Independent India could have asseted itself, for this problem to disappear.  To me its a representation of a character, the manifestation of which can still be found in the complacence and lax attitude which plagues our country even today.

But we can not change realities and the reality is that the border is drawn. The dividing line is accepted.  A beautiful piece of land is torn between the wars of two nations.

Kashmir, which has inspired several artists, now stands as a synonym to the most dangerous place in the world. It has become synonym to war, violence, separatism, orphan kids, new wave of violence and anti nation on the both sides of the border, somehow or the other.

Was drawing this border was a mistake?

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