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India An Emerging Superpower

India is poised to be the worlds next superpower with sound and transparent financial system, flourishing IT
industry and a well-regulated stock market .It has been active politically and
economically in the past decade as well. Indians. Its core institutions from
independent judiciary and free press to military are secured by its more than
half century old roots. India is on the verge of becoming a permanent member of
the United Nations Security Council. Its scientists are planning to launch a
moon probe. By putting all theses aspects together, one may be amazed that
India is already in the race for becoming the next super power.

Economic Growth

The ongoing economic revival has kicked Indias pace of growth. Its economy is the driving force for its success. In the
coming years, Indias GDP is expected to grow over seven percent which has never happened in India
right from the time it got independence.
Even thought 40% of its population lives under the poverty line, the country
maintains an effective democratic rule. Indias commitment towards democracy is its main pillar of strength. A nation of more
than billion people effectively follows the worlds most open system of government. It gives a lot of stability to the countrys economic situations.

The US stands to benefit from an increased foreign investment in India as well
as in its educated young population. However Indias growing economic, political and military power will have deep implications on
US foreign policy. In next 10 years Indias economy is thought to take over Britains economy and by 2040 it would be the worlds third largest economy. According to Keith Suther, senior fellow, Global
Business Network Australia by 2050, India can take over China and United States
of America as a main global economic force.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh has worked very hard to change the face
of this country. The Indo-US civilian nuclear agreement or commonly known as
Indo-US nuclear deal was finally made operation on October 10th, 2008. By entering this deal India has taken another step towards becoming the
next super power.

Educational Infrastructure

Nowadays there is no need to go abroad and study to acquire a top degree. Two
of Asias top ten B schools are Indian namely IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore and five
of the ten best science and technology schools are also Indian. Indians today
are embracing a liberal and anything is possible atmosphere.

Advancement in sphere of Arts

India has found its place among the community of nations on the strength of its
knowledge rather than its size. Its knowledge based competence is not only
shown in Information technology sector but also in other activities like arts.
Indian actors like Anil Kapoor and Freida Pinto have starred in an academy
award winning movieSlumdog Millionaire. Music director AR Rehman won two academy awards in the field of music. India
has many world renowned writers like Salman Rushdie, Anita Desai and Vikram

Prospering Middle Class

Indias middle class is expanding enormously and flaunting their material gains.
Cars, laptops, mobile phones, holidays in foreign locations are some of their
bold achievements. Luminaries are visiting India mainly because of economic
reasons. They view the large middle class as a prospect to make money in

The Right Attitude

Majority of Indians already believe they are second to none in Asia. Mix that
with the economic explosion and you have a recipe for the present mood of
exhilaration. But it is dashed with a little doubt. Kumaramangalam is of the
opinion that we have been on the launch pad for a long time and its now that we have ignited. The main concern is that have we really got lift
off velocity as there is slight likelihood of going back.

After reaching this far no sector of Indian society wants to back pedal. If you
visit rural areas today, you will find long-distance telephone booths; they
have television, Internet connection and have become communications hubs. There
is no conflict with technology. That is why India is storming ahead. People
have witnessed rapid change in the last three four years as compared to the
development that took place in the preceding 50 years. You can well imagine
what the next two years will bring leaving aside the following 50 years.


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