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Vision Of Modern India

India is no doubt an emerging super power, but there be fears that the
reputation of being a global power lies solely on the attempt to resolve to be
able to achieve a level of maturity and intelligence that will encourage
productive partnerships at global and regional levels. Indias makeover can hopefully be a guiding light for the many countries that are
looking at resources and ideas that will incorporate expansion and leadership
in these times of great need.

Few economists, top leaders and think tanks have concentrated on international
competitiveness and economic development, environmental and social issues, and
the current foreign policy initiatives in an attempt to achieve a comprehensive
insight into the possibilities and challenges that faces India in launching
itself as a global leader. The panelists have generated a set of pragmatic
policy recommendations that will engage the new government in materializing the
countrys vision of perfect modern India.

The policy recommendations that need pressing attention are explained ahead.

Economic priorities

A desire and need for activities that promote the best productivity possible,
chiefly farming and industries that are self sufficient and financially
Investment in timber and forestry, farming and fishing, meat and other
subsequent industries.
Expansion of farming produce and manufacturing spending on rural
infrastructure, intensifying upon micro finance schemes, and looking to promote
the use of personal productivity, for example greater educational outreach and
promotion of certain businesses.
Boosting the smaller trades, sole trading businesses that are in apparel and
textile industry.
Decrease the residual use of protecting an image in the sort term in total
disregard of long term issues, such as taxes in trades that have a global
Strengthen execution and keep in line with new and innovative incentives that
are looking at systems that are encouraging bodies that are looking are
businesses and launching time management skills in the process of utilizing the
practicality of modern technology whilst guarantying responsibility.
Implement a wide range of incentives that will allow for businesses to
amalgamate and utilize the benefits of both businesses private and national.

Growth Agendas

Build up an all-inclusive issues that are prominent and that identifies the
needs and desires of the individual and the collective, be it social, academic
or economical.
Make sure that anything that is in place has the benefits and influence that
will encourage and ignite the participation and synchronizing targets with
certain government agencies be these in, civil society, businesses, those
parties that are not aligned to any political affiliation.
Be acquainted with the fact that it is a fault to imitate foreign franchises
that will be seen to be exploitive. India must realize that it does not have
the capabilities to address reserve and thus must act on this instantly, in
order to better the lives of those that do not have the sufficient quality of
life that is what the populace feel they should have
Improve the systems of irrigation to allow for a clean and sustainable water
supply. This will be enhanced by projects that will address the current
problems and allow for better design and implementation, these projects will
stock up and dispense waters that are collected naturally and will dispensed in
a natural and economical way, this giving help to all parties that are
currently being effected.
Maintain help and evenly reduce the desired plummeting carbon emissions openly
directing those ground-breaking innovative ideas that will be used to fight
against the dependence transport that is unnecessary and private.
Make sure there is sufficient practices in place that will work on sure as well
as prevention, look at the increase in certain disease and look to inform as
much as possible. a suitable equilibrium has to be found to allow for this to
happen, there can be no doubting efforts on either part, effectively look for
ways to promote the fact that AIDS is amongst us and we have to battle this
disease with open eyes.

Recognize that there are great issues with the womens imbalanced and unlawful standing in Indian society. This must be addressed
and allow for women to be treated as equals and have the same opportunities as
men. This needs to be directed from the schooling age but must be addressed to
the older population whom are set in there ways. We must commit to the
reinforcing programs dealing with problems in society on whole, and the effects
of the many diseases that have gone unnoticed and untreated in our country.
There are issues surrounding homophobia, domestic violence, sexual harassment,
racism, reverse racism, stereotype and many more that we have to educate many
people about. We cannot be seen to be allowing the treatment of minorities to
continue to be so appalling.

Safeguard the countrys status as one that can be relied upon in matters of global interest, make
sure we are known as the solvers of problems and not the creators. Look at the
situation in Nepal and use whatever leverage we may have to bring about
resolution in a peaceful and determined manner, we need to enforce the human
rights issues both at home and abroad.
Exhibit the abilities that one needs to seek out the continued and decisive
action that means many forms of collaboration that will allow for greater
movement of trade and allow workers from minority communities and countries to
have a sufficient support system in place to protect their rights.
Work towards finding a resolution for the conflict that has dogged our history
for to long, seek out ways to end the conflict with Pakistan, in manner that
shows that we are peaceful and have the right intentions.We need to open trade
and look to any possible situation that can bring our countries closer
together.We must promote and educate this amongst the populace and understand
that any influence outside of own country is out of our own hands.
Continue to support any such program that allows the countries of India and
Pakistan to react well with each other, to learn out cultural differences and
to be tolerant first and foremost. We need to learn, to educate and to pass
this knowledge on.

Regardless of existing challenges for development, India is emerging as a
potential global leader. India, however, must identify that reform can not be
focused only on economic challenges, but requires to incorporate social and
environmental proportions as well. India must persuade the widespread
participation of businesses, civil society, local governments and non
governmental organizations in reform efforts. By escalating democratic
participation, India will be better placed to confront growing social and
environmental challenges, such as rural distress, resource exploitation, and
the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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