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Photo by Norma Desmond

Photo by Norma Desmond

2012 – Year in which God showed grace and the world didn’t end. I too picked some lessons in humility as I had to abandon all the plans and spend almost an entire year in recovering from sickness. While the struggle continues with the older obstacles becoming thing of past and life bringing up new challenges, I cannot keep my mind away from the thoughts of Damini or Nirbhaya, as one newspaper has named her. It’s been close to two weeks that this incident happened to her. I never felt so profound in my life about any stranger. The perplexed thoughts go awry and the heart cries, wants to reach out to the ones closest to her.  The mind finds it tough to accept. The head finds no reason to believe, that even in absence of Policing, how can humans treat each others in such barbaric fashion?

The thought comes first, and then it manifests as action. Is this how we are taught to think?

Now Nirbhaya has gone and the family is devastated. After this crime happened to her, not even a single politician was seen with her family or with protesters and none from the government stood up against the gruesome crime. But what was heartening to see that the pain, sorrow, joys and happiness, fundamentally, still have the same meaning for all of us. It’s these mutual values, feelings and belief in fairness that unite us. It was a heartening sight. In the years to come the family will need strength to overcome the grief and anguish. Hopefully they will find grace and power to accept this terrible loss.

This tragedy has made my belief about humility even more profound.

Hopeful about next year and beyond!

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