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What will you do to your own son?

Today again, I was unpleasantly surprised, when I saw this piece of news. The leader of Indian Psychiatric society has said that boys should be married off early, to avoid rapes in the Indian society.

Please read it here.

With each passing day, evidence that the generation after India gained independence was a disappointment, keep mounting. It is this  notion, expressed by many famous faces of Indian leadership in several areas, repeatedly, is a living testimony of this hard fact.

Marriage, in the Indian tradition, has a sacred place. Marriage is a milestone where when the destinies of two individuals intersect and they commit to share their journey of life. They decide to walk on a path that sometimes is nurtured with love or sometimes it is fraught with difficulties. Nevertheless, these two individuals accept each other and, share an incredible journey called life, with love, togetherness and commitment.

The leaders – religious, political, and social, who keep insisting on early marriage of boys, Protester Posters and Candles seeking Justice for Gang rape Victim-002
Photo by ramesh_lalwani
to curb the menace of rape in Indian society, should first answer some questions.

  • Is marriage only about sex?
  • Is the role of a woman in marriage only about being an object of sexual desire?
  • The tax rates are reasonably high in India, and with this, an obvious question about government expenses comes to one’s mind; What is it that the government doing with the money?
  • What’s the responsibility of the Police in a democratic society?
  • What does a government do in such a society?

Though the list of unanswerable questions is long, that doesn’t help any leader in any governing body to improve the law and order situation in the society. Such statements serve as a distraction from the fact that the education system, leadership and administrators of the country have failed to produce a healthy youth.

One last question to all such leaders;

What will you do with to your own son, who is 20 years old. He does not earn and is not able to maintain a family?

Let’s hope for a better world to come, though it is akin to hoping against hope.

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