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Ancient India

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Maurya Dynasty

The rise of Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta Maurya by 322 BC established the first Mauryan Empire. Before that Nanda dynasty, very unpopular, ruled the Magadh kingdom. Chandragupta Maurya with the help of Chankya (Kautilya) ruined the Nanda Empire and laid the... (Continue reading)

Persians And Greek Invasion – The Cumulative Effect

An influence on Indian Culture Both the Persian and Greek invasions left significant impact on Indian civilization. The political systems of the Persians influenced the potential formats of governance and administration on the Indian subcontinent, as well as the administration... (Continue reading)

Persian And Greek Invasions

A large part of north western Indian subcontinent (modern day eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan) was ruled by the Persian Achaemenid Empire in ca. 520 BCE and remained so for other two centuries thereafter. Persian Achaemenid Empire was amongst the first... (Continue reading)

Sixteen Mahajanapadas

Mahajanapadas literal meaning is great kingdoms. Mahajanapadas were flourished before Buddhism in the north western/northern parts of India. The Aryans entered India from the central Asia around 2000 BC-1500 BC. There were always regular friction between Aryans and non Aryans... (Continue reading)


Mahajanapadas is the word derived from Sanskrit that has a meaning of “Great Kingdoms” (Maha means “great” and janapadas means “foothold of a tribe”). Prior to the rise of Buddhism in India, 16 great powers and republics thrived in the... (Continue reading)

Indus Valley Civilization – A Summary

One of the ancient Civilizations One of the ancient civilizations is the Civilization of Indus Valley, which is also most commonly known as Harappa Civilization. This relies, at the first excavations that were made, for the cradle discovery of the... (Continue reading)

Indian History–Vedic Period

In India, around 1500 BC to 600 BC, a completely new civilization and culture has developed. The country had seen various cultures and civilization since the Bronze Age. The most popular Indus Valley civilization had declined by around 1500 BC... (Continue reading)

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Culture In Harappa Civilization

Harappa Civilization is actually the mature period of Indus Valley Civilization (2600-1900 BCE). The Indus Valley Civilization (abbreviated as IVC) is an ancient civilization, which was thrived in the Indus river Basin. This civilization encompassed almost the whole modern-day Pakistan... (Continue reading)

Harappa Civilization – A mystery yet to be unfold

The Indus Valley Civilization (2500-1600 BCE), as it is called, was the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent which was the most fascinating yet mysterious cultures of the ancient world. This culture existed along the Indus River in... (Continue reading)

Bronze Age Weapons – Swords

Before Bronze Age, stone was used as weapon and as a cutting edged tool. But stones are very fragile and therefore are not very practical to be used as the sword. Bronze Age was the era of using metals and... (Continue reading)

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