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The English Sojourn

The News Reader

Being interested in world political developments, I have read good amount of political stories over the last six weeks. Tony Blair was accused of using the politics of fear, after he announced his plans of keeping the cpuntry safe from... (Continue reading)

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The One Month

Its been one month since I arrived in UK and probably it’s time to jot down some of my experiences or opinions on my trip. The cost of living is really high. We have council tax, electricity bill, gas bill,... (Continue reading)

The Indian Counsulate

I went to Counsulate general of India Office in Birmingham to day and had a long day there. Based in Nottingham, just a 1.25 hours away from Birmingham, I read all the necessary informatiom from the website and reched the... (Continue reading)

Settling in

CapitalOne is a one of the prominent employers with some good facilities for employees.  There are some vending machines for different purposes. We have a vending machine where we can charge our access cards with some money and later this... (Continue reading)

The Travel

It’s been a while since I arrived here and it’s time to share some experiences.  I have been sharing accommodation with some of my co-workers. Most of the houses here are two storied and the stairs, which, are from with... (Continue reading)

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